Monolith 1200c


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The Monolith 1200c is the God Father of humidors holding up to 1200 cigars in the perfect climate. This is by far the most impressive humidor we've ever seen. Show off your cigar collection in style with this truly state-of-the-art humidor, or give a cigar smoker you know the absolute best gift around. The Monolith is a piece of art. It has Spanish cedar drawers, a blue glow ambient light, tempered glass door so everyone can see your prize cigars, but has a lock so not everyone can touch. The Monolith 1200c has built in Hydra humidification technology and E.R.C.E. (Electronic Regulated Cigar Environment) maintains both temperature and humidity at the touch of a button on the inside and a beautiful piano black finish on the outside. Your cigars stay at the desired set temperature all the time. All you have to do is plug this bad boy in, fill it with cigars and pull out a cigar and enjoy it God Father style.

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