Boveda 75 Percent RH 2 Way Humidity Pack


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Quick Overview

The world's first 2-way humidity control for desktop humidors.

Never guess if or when to refill your humidifier again! Simply place Bóveda packets inside your humidor to maintain a precise relative humidity. Each Bóveda packet consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salt. This saturated solution is contained within a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane. Within a closed desktop humidor Bóveda maintains a predetermined level of (RH) by releasing or absorbing purified water-vapor—as needed—through the membrane.

Product Description

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    Available in the following ranges:
    • HUMI-BOV65 - 65% RH Packet
    • HUMI-BOV69 - 69% RH Packet
    • HUMI-BOV72 - 72% RH Packet
    • HUMI-BOV75 - 75% RH Packet