Cigar Mechanic 100


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Quick Overview

Cigar Mechanic is a bi-directional humidifier, which utilizes revolutionary Nano-Bead technology. It will absorb extra moisture when humidity is high and release steady humidity when your cigars need it most.

Simply soak in water for 45 seconds and drain excess water. (distilled water is recommended but not necessary) Beads will turn from an opaque white to a clear translucent color. Now the beads are ready to use.

Cigar Mechanic will maintain the perfect conditions for your humidor while keeping it mold free.

Product Description

  • Details

    Capacity: 100 cigars Dimensions (Outside): 3 3/4"L x 2 5/8"W x 11/16" Th
    • Durable Polystyrene Molded Plastic
    • Stainless Steel Screen
    • Filled with 30 grams of Humidity Beads
    • Metal, Tape & Magnet for Easy Attachment