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Full 5.50 x 54 Toro Box 20 Maduro Not Available

Perdomo Habano Maduro Toro


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The beautiful Cuban-seed Corojo and triple-fermented Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers complement this unique filler blend by adding rich, bold flavors with a smooth, satisfying finish', says Nick. And tasting is believing. Whichever size and wrapper you prefer, one thing is certain: these cigars will enthrall you.

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    Perdomo Habano is delicious handmade utilizing the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos to present a bold and savory smoke with notable Cuban flair. At play, a complex mixture of Cuban-seed long-leaf tobaccos from Nicaragua's 3 primary growing regions: rich, full-flavored leaves from Esteli, pleasantly aromatic tobaccos from Condega, and sweet, creamy leaves from Jalapa. It then comes wrapped in either a triple-fermented Maduro wrapper or a toothy, Cuban-seed Corojo. Each cigar is robust and satisfying with a rich, powerful, and complex character that's silky smooth.