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Medium 4.0 x 60 Torpedo Box 24 Natural Not Available

NUB by Oliva 466 BxPress Torp Cam.


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Nub is an innovative concept with one main purpose: to capture and deliver the true essence of a cigar throughout the entire cigar smoking experience.

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    Ya'll love Cain. Ya'll love Nub. Now it's time to love Cain Nub. Take the same full-flavored, full-bodied recipe of long-leaf ligeros, Habano wrappers, and Maduro wrappers....then expertly blend them into traditional Nub sizes to capture the true essence of Cain. That's Cain Nub, the strongest and most complex series of Nub cigars yet. Expect deep, satisfying layers of bold flavors, including notes of spice, earth, leather, and coffee throughout a slow and cool burn. Best of all, the flavors only become more intense as you approach the eventful finale.