What Are the Differences Between Maduro and Natural Cigar Wrappers?

October 5, 2011 0 Comment Cigaranado

cigarsWhen it comes to the cigars that you have in your humidor, it is quite likely that a few of them feature either a Maduro or natural cigar wrapper. However, many newcomers to the wonderful world of cigars do not know the differences between these two types of wrappers. First and foremost, natural cigar wrappers tend to have a lighter color, taste, and texture to the type of smoke that they generate. A natural cigar wrapper can be quite expensive, so they are generally reserved for premium cigars only. It is important not to confuse natural cigar wrappers with plain, paper wrappers that are often found on cheaper cigars.

On the other hand, a cigar that features a Maduro wrapper will be considerably darker in color. In some instances, the Maduro cigars in your humidor may assume an almost black color. While the majority of Maduro wrapped cigars tend to have a more robust and fuller bodied taste, the taste of the cigar’s wrapper is primarily going to depend upon how the wrapper has been cured. It will also be partially dependent upon the manufacturer of a cigar. Maduro wrapped cigars are available in wonderfully rich variety of different flavors and textures.

Another primary difference between natural cigar wrappers and Maduro cigar wrappers is that natural wrappers do not feature the spicy notes that Maduro wrappers are well-known for. If you do not prefer for your cigars to have notes of pepper to their taste, then you should opt for natural wrapper cigars, which tend to be much lighter in taste. However, many individuals find the strong spices of a Maduro wrapper to be somewhat soothing, so you may find it well worth your while to step out of your comfort zone and try a Maduro wrapped cigar.

Because of the robust and full bodied flavors of Maduro wrapped cigars, most cigar aficionados believe that these cigars are best suited to slow smoking. Many individuals also choose to smoke their Maduro wrapped cigars in the colder months of the year, believing that the spicy taste of the cigars makes them more appropriate for colder weather. Subsequently, these same individuals tend to save their naturally wrapped cigars for spring and summer months. However, when and where you choose to smoke your cigars is entirely at your discretion.

Regardless of which type of cigar wrapper you prefer for your cigars, it is going to be necessary for you to store them in a humidor to keep them in optimal condition. Humidors are excellent safeguards for ensuring that the wrapper and filler stay in peak condition. If natural wrapper or Maduro cigars are not stored in the proper temperature and humidity levels, then they can dry out and crumble, leaving you with an unsmokeable cigar. Keeping a steady selection of both natural wrapper and Maduro cigars in your humidor will ensure that you are ready for any occasion, at any time.

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