The Impact of the Wrapper On Cigars

May 3, 2012 0 Comment Cigaranado

CigarsMany individuals who are new to the wonderful world of cigars believe that the wrapper of a cigar does not have any impact on its flavor, but in reality, it does have a significant impact. During the smoking process, the wrapper comes in contact with your mouth, and the natural oils of the wrapper dissolve in saliva. In this manner, the smoker is able to taste the flavor of the wrapper. The oilier the wrapper of a cigar is, the more flavor it will produce.

As a general guideline, the darker the wrappers of cigars are, the stronger the flavors of the cigars will be. For example, the strongest Cuban cigars are often wrapped in a Maduro wrapper, which is almost a black color. The flavor and taste of a cigar is primarily dependent upon its filling, but the wrapper of a cigar serves as an indicator of how strong you can expect the cigar to be.

Intensity and peculiarities of cigar wrappers are going to be dependent upon the type of tobacco used, the growing conditions of the tobacco, and the methods used to cure the tobacco. The flavor of the filling of a cigar can also migrate towards the wrapper and settle on it. The heaviest flavor particles of cigars cannot evaporate through the wrapper and are therefore retained by it. Cigars that have been aged for a certain amount of time will have wrappers that are oiler and more flavorful than a newly minted cigar.

To see how the wrappers of cigars can affect their flavor, you can conduct a simple experiment. Roll off 1-1.5 cm of the wrapper from the head side of a cigar, smoke half of it, cut the cigar to the edge of the wrapper and then smoke it to the end. Compare the taste and see the difference for yourself.

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