The Ideal Temperature and Humidity Levels For Your Humidor

March 10, 2012 0 Comment Cigaranado

Humidors, Humidor, CigarsThe purpose of a humidor is to protect and preserve the integrity of your cigars. For this purpose, there are prescribed humidity and temperature ranges for cigars. These recommendations have been developed after years of research, and it is recommended that you follow them as closely as possible. Doing so will allow you to enjoy high quality cigars and smokes that you will remember for a lifetime.

When it comes to temperature, it is recommended that you keep the temperature levels of your humidor between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is vehemently recommended that you do not allow the temperature levels of your humidor to exceed 75 degrees, because then your cigars could potentially become infested with tobacco beetles, which have been known to ruin entire stocks of cigars. Additionally, higher temperatures encourage the rotting of cigars, which can render a cigar completely unsmokeable.

The ideal humidity levels inside of a humidor should be between 68%-72% relative humidity. Depending upon whether you prefer your cigars to be dry or wet, these levels can go slightly higher or lower, but the relative humidity levels of your humidor should never exceed 75%, due to the possibility of a tobacco beetle infestation. It is also important for you to remember that the more empty space there is inside of your humidor, the more readily the humidity levels of your humidor will rise or drop.

These simple recommendations are not difficult to follow. The two biggest challenges in maintaining cigars in humidors are to ensure that they do not dry out and that they are protected against tobacco beetle infestations. Educate yourself about how to protect your cigars, and you will be able to enjoy high quality smokes that will last a lifetime.

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