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Cigar cutterUsing cigar cutter scissors might seem like a simple enough task, but there are a few tips and tricks that you are going to need to learn before you master the art of these little beauties. Cigar cutter scissors, such as these Cigar Cutter Scissors, are generally constructed from stainless steel in order to ensure their durability. Most scissors are designed to be able to efficiently cut cigars with a ring gauge size of up to 60. It will be important for you to ensure that the scissors you purchase will be able to accommodate the size of cigars that you smoke.

In my own personal opinion, I like to use cigar cutter scissors that feature rubber grips. I find that they help me keep a better handle on the scissors, and the rubber grips simply feel more comfortable in my hand. Cigar cutter scissors are quite simple to use. Most individuals have their own individualized technique for using these scissors, and you will need to experiment with using them for a while to find the cutting technique that works best for you.

One of the biggest advantages of using cigar cutter scissors versus other methods of cutting a cigar is the fact that you exercise complete control over the cut of the cigar. While cigar cutter scissors might seem slightly intimidating initially, you will eventually find the cutting technique that you are most comfortable with. If I could dispense one word of advice, it would be not to use these scissors in a chopping motion. That is what guillotine cutters are for.

Instead of the straight edge that normal kitchen scissors have, cigar cutter scissors are going to feature an edge with more of a hook or circular shape. The unique design of the scissors’ blades will make a straight cut into the stogie you hold in your hand. The straight cut is the type of cut that is preferred by most cigar enthusiasts, and it is definitely preferable for thinner cigars. Cigar scissors are available for purchase in numerous different designs and looks.

To successfully cut a cigar with cigar cutter scissors, you should hold the cigar securely in your left hand between your thumb and index finger. With your other hand holding the scissors, you will simply cut the cap off of the cigar in one smooth motion. It can take some amount of practice to ensure that you do not cut the cigar too deeply. However, once you have mastered this technique, it can look quite impressive to your fellow cigar smokers.

While there are numerous different options for cigar cutters, cigar cutter scissors are one of the most timeless and classic methods of cutting a cigar. With a small amount of practice, you will gain a skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Invest in your own cigar cutter scissors today, and see how they can open up a new world of possibilities when it comes to smoking fine stogies.

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