How to Choose a Good Cigar

November 9, 2011 0 Comment Cigaranado

How to Choose a Good CigarThere are numerous considerations that must be taken into account when an individual is learning how to choose a good cigar. Generally, the most important components of the cigar are considered to be its construction, tobacco, and its consistency. The taste of the cigar is subjective to an individual’s personal preferences. The construction of the cigar is the primary component that allows the cigar to achieve a pleasant taste and aroma. If the cigar is overstuffed, it will be difficult to draw upon. An inability to draw upon the cigar produces less volume of smoke, less aroma, and less taste. If the cigar is underfilled, it will be easily drawn upon, but overheating and a harsh taste will accompany the smoking of the cigar. The construction of the cigar should maintain an even consistency throughout.

In order to produce a pleasant taste, the cigar must be filled with tobacco that is of a good quality. If the tobacco is not aged properly, it can affect the quality of the cigar. The most common signs of improperly aged tobacco include a harsh or bitter taste, heartburn within the chest cavity, and the cigar’s inability to remain lit. Even if a smoker is just leaning how to choose a good cigar, they will be able to detect these signs immediately. If these symptoms occur, then the manufacturer of the cigar may not have used the same tobacco consistently. Unfortunately, this was a common problem during the cigar “boom” of the 1990’s. In the haste to produce supplies to meet the demand of the general public, the quality of the tobacco being used was not heeded.

How to Choose a Good CigarTo determine the consistency of a particular brand of cigars, an individual will need to smoke the same brand and size of cigars several times. The same cigar blend in a different size can affect how it tastes. The ability to judge the consistency of a cigar will be a skill that is acquired as an individual learns how to choose a good cigar. It is important for a new smoker to remember that the food or drinks that are consumed with the cigar will affect its overall taste. In addition to the aforementioned components of cigars, the smell of a cigar can also be indicative of what it has to offer in terms of flavor. A cigar that is constructed of quality will be able to a number of appealing fragrances.

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