How Often Does the Humidifier of My Humidor Need to Be Changed?

October 2, 2011 0 Comment Cigaranado

HumidorProper maintenance of your humidor is important, but in actuality, the humidifier of your humidor should not need to be changed frequently at all. The most common humidifier devices that you will find on the market are humidifier sponges and beads. Most sponges and bead can be recharged over and over again with distilled water or a mixture of water and glycerin. With a proper amount of care, these types of humidifier devices should provide you with years of service without having to be changed frequently. There are also types of humidifier devices on the market for one to choose from.

There will be some instances in which you will be required to replace the humidifier in your humidor. One prime example of such an instance would be if you were to fill the humidifier of your humidor with regular tap water, instead of distilled water. Tap can often, over time, leave a buildup or residue in your humidifier that can affect its effectiveness in providing the ideal humidity conditions for your cigars. If the humidifying device of your humidor becomes dried out, then it is recommended for you to simply replace it altogether, rather than attempt to revive it.

Cigar aficionados who are rather particular about the humidity conditions of their humidors will generally refuse to change their humidifier devices more than once a year. However, if you are encountering difficulties keeping the humidity levels of your humidor high enough, you will have several options to choose from and experiment with before making the decision to replace your humidifier altogether. While humidifier devices are not expensive, it can be somewhat of a hassle to replace them, and most individuals would prefer to avoid this process altogether if possible.

If you humidor requires assistance in boosting its humidity levels, then you can first opt to add a second humidifier device to your humidor. Secondly, you will also have the option of using a different substance in your humidor. For example, if you are only using distilled water in your humidifier, then you may want to try a mixture of distilled water and glycerin instead.

Additionally, you should also ensure that you check the seal of your humidor, as the introduction of outside air can affect your humidor’s ability to perform its job adequately. If the aforementioned solutions do not remedy your problem with the humidifier or your humidor, ensure that you check your hygrometer. In some instances, your hygrometer will simply need to be recalibrated. If your hygrometer is providing incorrect readings, it can lead you to believe that problems exist with your humidifier where they do not. In the worst case scenario, you will be required to re-season your humidor, which is not a difficult process. To avoid the possibility of these problems developing altogether, it is going to be necessary for you to invest in a high quality humidor from the start.

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