Choosing the Proper Type of Lighter For Your Cigars

November 30, 2011 0 Comment Cigaranado

lighterObviously, lighting your cigar is going to be a prerequisite to smoking it. However, the process of choosing the appropriate type of lighter for your cigar is important, and with such a plethora of options available, it can seem downright daunting to choose a simple lighter. Should you elect to use matches or lighters to light your cigar? Should you choose a torch, single blade, dual blade, punch, or guillotine lighter? Just like every cigar aficionado has their favorite type of humidor, each individual has their own preferred method of lighting cigars. Educating yourself about the available options will assist you in making an informed decision on which option will best suit your particular needs.

The first step in choosing the correct type of lighter for your cigar is to look for a cigar lighter that is going to create the ideal flame. Many cigar enthusiasts prefer the broad and even flame that is produced by torch lighters; although, there will be numerous options for one to choose from. Bic or butane lighters that are used to light cigarettes should be avoided when possible, because this type of lighter contains additional chemicals that can potentially alter the flavor of your cigar is the flame is applied to the cigar.

Many die hard enthusiasts of cigars prefer to use matches to light their cigars, which is the time honored tradition of lighting a cigar. The advantage of using matches to light your cigar lies in the fact that they do not contain flavor altering chemicals that are often associated with cheap lighters. However, the sulfur that is found in the head of a match can potentially affect the taste of one’s cigars, so most experienced cigar smokers prefer to allow the flame of a match to burn past the head before lighting their cigar. The other primary disadvantage to using matches to light a cigar is that the flame of a match is susceptible to going out when wind bursts are present.

As aforementioned, one of the most preferred types of lighters among cigar aficionados is the torch lighter. Like cigarette lighters, this type of lighter employs the use of butane to light your cigar. It derives its name from the fact that the high intensity of the flame causes the flame to assume a bluish green hue, which is similar to that of the blow torch that is used in welding. Torch lighters are powerful, and they are able to well withstand wind gusts, which makes them ideal for lighting a cigar in the outdoors.

Before making a final decision as to which lighting option will work best for you, experiment with both lighters and matches. There are numerous different styles of cigar lighters to choose from, just as there are matches. The smoking of a cigar is a highly individualized experience, and it may require some amount of experimentation for you to discover which combination of tools enhance your smoking experience in just the right fashion.

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