Choosing a Humidor

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Choosing a HumidorBefore an individual even begins the process of choosing a humidor, there are several questions that he or she should ask themselves.

Will this humidor be placed in the home or in a work environment? Will the individual want to by one for each location?
Does the individual have a preference for the type of material the humidor is constructed from (i.e. metal, plastic, Lucite)?
How many cigars will the humidor need to store?
What type of style should the humidor be?
What is the individual’s budget?

Once the answers to these questions have been determined, the individual will need to determine the location from which they will purchase the humidor. There is a high likelihood that he or she will need to return to this location in order to purchase accessories. Humidors may be purchased from a wide variety of locations, from local tobacco shops to upscale department stores. Although humidors may be purchased online, many individuals prefer choosing a humidor from a location where a salesperson is available to assist in the purchase. An individual should not hesitate to discuss their expectations and personal preferences with the sales associate. The associate will be able to assist the individual in choosing a humidor that will most adequately suit their needs. Once the humidor has been chosen and purchased, the individual will need to consider the accessories that might need to be purchased. For example, if the humidor does not have a built in humidifier, then the individual will need to purchase this accessory separately. Additionally, a hygrometer, which monitors the level of humidity in the humidor, may also need to be purchased. Once the humidor has been brought to an individual’s home, it will need to be situated in a location that does not expose the humidor to direct heat. The heat could potentially alter the internal conditions of the humidor and dry out the cigars. To prepare a humidor for use, a paper towel that has been moistened with distilled water should be used to clean the inside of the humidor. Before cigars are stored in the humidor, the internal temperature of the humidor should be between 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The cigars inside of the humidor should be checked periodically every few days to ensure that their environment is satisfactory. By educating one’s self about the various aspects of humidors, he or she will be equipped for choosing a humidor that will most adequately suit their needs.

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