Bad Cigar Advice You Should Avoid!

December 16, 2011 0 Comment Cigaranado

cigarOne of the primary things I do around here is dispensing cigar advice. Whether it involves the reviewing of a new cigar or giving advice on how to set up a new humidor, you name it and I’ve probably written about it at some point during my career. There are literally hundreds of websites on the Internet that offer advice on cigars, humidors, and everything in between. It can literally make your head spin, and often times, you will find that the cigar advice you find on the Internet contradicts one another.

A couple of weeks ago, I made the decision to compile a list of bad cigar and humidor advice that should be avoided at all costs. Many of my friends were surprised that there were certain things they shouldn’t do. Keep in mind that this cigar and humidor advice is tongue in cheek, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, for serious and important cigar advice, don’t forget to check out the other posts in my blog. Moving forward…

  1. There is no need for you to invest in a cigar cutter for your cigars. This is simply a waste of time. You have a good set of teeth. Use them.
  2. When you take a new box of cigars out of your humidor, make sure that you smoke the cigars on the bottom of the box first. These are the cigars that are going to contain the most flavor, because they have been aging the longest.
  3. When you remove cigars from your humidor, test the odor before removing the cellophane from cigar. All great cigars will secret the wonderful aromas through the cellophane. If your cigar smells like ammonia, then it is definitely going to be one you want to smoke!
  4. Do you enjoy a good glass of wine or cognac with your cigar? Make sure to dip one end of your cigar in your glass of cognac to enjoy the best of both types of flavors at once.
  5. Want to save money on stocking your humidor with cigars? Grow your own cigars by planting one end of a partially smoked cigar in the ground. 6. Are you one of those individuals who tends to smoke your cigars down to the nub? There’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you wear an oven mitt to protect your hand!
  6. Make sure that you maintain the ash of your cigars as long as absolutely possible. The ash of your cigar is a wonderful filter, and it seals in the flavor of your cigar.
  7. The more expensive your cigar is, the better the smoking experience the cigar offers is going to be.
  8. Save time on toasting the foot of your cigar before smoking it by simply popping it in the toaster oven in your kitchen.
  9. If there is a certain type of cigar that you want to try, but don’t want to pay for, just drop a multitude of hints on your friends until they give you one for free!

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